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What we do

pir sensor

We are specialized in characterizing and visualizing the sensitivity distribution of passive infrared motion detectors. We offer our measurement services to anybody who works with passive infrared motion detection such as: manufacturers, security companies, architectural engineers and installers.

Data Visualization

top view of a beam pattern

We create the sensitivity beam pattern of your PIR motion detector by measuring the PIR sensor output signal as it responds to a moving heat source. Because the resulting beam pattern is not the result of a simulation but includes the entire optical system you will get a truly reliable insight into your product.



Results are presented to you as a digital 3D model and as a standard PDF-format document or, optionally, in a custom report format designed to your specification. The quantitative data, 2D maps and 3D models can be exported in many industry-standard file formats such as .stl, .obj, .csv and .png. Please refer to our EXAMPLES PAGE.

We help you add value

The beam pattern information gives you a competitive advantage. With a beam pattern you can find the best mounting position for your occupancy detector. You can verify the detection zones of your intruder alarm to make sure there are no large undetected areas where burglars can sneak by. You can provide your customers with more detailed information on the behaviour of your detectors, lenses and sensors. You can optimize your lens and sensor quality. You can verify that your lens supplier has provided you with accurate information. Or, you can use the beam pattern to tune your analog or digital filters by simulating the PIR sensor's output voltage changes as reaction to different object shapes, sizes and speeds.

PIRLABS helps you to put your company in the lead!